The Citizen Women Slow Fashion Journey

Protecting What Matters:

People & Places, Supplier, Manufacturing and Packaging Information

At Citizen Women we believe that fashion should be honest, sustainable and inclusive.

Citizen Women clothes are designed with longevity in mind and a no waste philosophy. None of our remnant fabric goes into landfill. Any material that is left over from the cut process is made into facemasks, purses, bags and dog beds. Any products that have been used fully (after many years of wear) and reach their end-of-life can be returned to Citizen Women for either repurposing or composting.

At Citizen Women we are committed to working with suppliers who show ongoing progress towards improving their transparency around their supply chains evidenced by offering more environmentally and sustainable fabrics and trims.

We source our fabric and trims from reputable local Tāmaki Makaurau suppliers. They in-turn source fabric from international fabric suppliers who have finely edited stock collections from high-end fashion houses who have an oversupply of fabric.  Known as deadstock fabric, the oversupplied fabric becomes available for small fashion labels like Citizen Women to use in their collections.

We work with printed cotton (OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified) from Liberty of London who is a member of the EU REACH and the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and use certified European Flax®, a premium linen which is GMO free, traceable, natural and sustainable. Look out for more certified natural fabrics being added to our collections.

On each garment page you will find information about the fabric composition and origin.

At Citizen Women we work at contributing to fashion in a way that minimizes our footprint in nature and where people thrive and are respected in their different professions in the clothing industry.

People are at the heart of what we do.

It is imperative to us that the people who make our clothes are being looked after and are treated and paid fairly.

We proudly manufacture our clothes in Aotearoa and the people we work with are respected and treated in accordance with New Zealand employment laws. We pay our independent contractors above the New Zealand living wage and are encouraging our other contractors to pay their workers at the NZ Living wage or above.

We work with companies that help us to do better and be kinder to the environment like The Better Packaging Company with their home compostable courier bag and the Carbon Click Company  with their green box option at checkout to help offset transportation carbon footprint costs.

Citizen Women is proud to be part of Mindful Fashion NZ

The Mindful Fashion NZ collective was launched in 2019 to unite the New Zealand clothing and textile industry to create an innovative, full-circle and thriving future. The collective aims to strengthen the New Zealand clothing and textile industry by promoting long term sustainable growth through responsible business practice and industry investment. The collective supports sustainable success for members and the wider industry through advocacy, sustainable business resources and facilitating collaborative solutions.

View the Mindful Fashion NZ Code of Conduct that all members must sign here.

In a nutshell

  1. Citizen Women clothes are made from natural fabrics using deadstock fabrics, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified Cottons, and Certified European Flax®
  2. We proudly manufacture in Aotearoa New Zealand and pay our independent contractors above the New Zealand living wage and are encouraging our other contractors to pay their workers at the NZ Living wage or above.
  3. We are working to deliver your packages with as little carbon footprint as possible by using the Carbon Click at checkout and The Better Packaging Company reusable home compostable courier bags, with recyclable tissue
  4. We are part of The Mindful Fashion NZ collective to help build solutions for a more sustainable and collaborative fashion industry.

We hope you join us on our slow fashion journey. Join us on Facebook or Instagram for Citizen Women news and updates.

If you have any questions please send an email to we would love to hear from you.

The people and businesses we work with

Fabric and Trim Suppliers

  • Frost Textiles, Auckland
  • Wall Fabrics, Auckland
  • John Rainger Textiles, Auckland
  • Trendy Trims, Auckland
  • Hawes and Freer, Auckland 
  • Arthur N. Rowe Ltd,  Auckland

Manufacturing & CMT

  •  Apparel Attachments Ltd, Auckland
  •  Seabreeze Apparel, CMT, Auckland
  •  Jacqui Peterson, Pattern Grader, Auckland
  •  Monique N Machinist, Auckland
  •  Julie Maclean Studio

Labels, Packaging & Sending

  • Express Print, Auckland
  • Labels Direct, Kerikeri
  • The Better Packaging Company, Auckland
  • Attwoods, Auckland
  • Courier It, Auckland
  • Carbon Click, Auckland

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